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Legend In Their Time

The legend does exist..
of the golden warriors of Vietnam
Their glory is not a myth..
Side by side with their brothers
they faced hardships.. as had no others
Jungle heat...jungle sweat..jungle death
And still.. they bravely fought...
At last coming home
to disrespect.. by an ungratful lot
Some feeling so alone
No pity by some shone
And still they fought...
Booze and drugs and hate
hard times at any rates
The strong alone marched on
..though missing their mates
always remember.. they fought...
Old memories give aim
at enons of sleepless nights
Old injuries cause pain
Respect is finally in their sights
because they fought...
Age has graced and blessed
these warriors of old
these gallant soldiers
..should be pictured in gold
because... they fought...
Faye Sizemore 10/27/03

For Col and all of the 'golden warrors'